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TEL: 02920 227 117


Roleplaying Games


Dwarfs, Dragons, Loxodons & Golems: New Miniatures In Made To Order

Firestorm Games is proud to present the awesome "Tusk and Steel" fantasy miniatures collection, meticulously crafted by Lord of the Print. These minis are available to order now from our 'made to order' 3D printing service, and we've got all the details right here.


Dungeons & Lasers: New kits include tavern, trees, tarrasque and more

Hey, have you heard about Archon Studio's latest release? They've dropped a bunch of awesome Dungeons & Lasers plastic kits filled with cool terrain, monsters, and more for your roleplaying games. If you're into tabletop RPGs like D&D 5th Edition and want some fun encounters, you gotta check this out!

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