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Xenos Armies

Our store stocks the complete range of products for the Xenos factions of Warhammer 40K, including AeldariDrukhariGenestealer CultsLeagues of VotannNecronsOrksTau Empire and Tyranids. Order from Firestorm Games for free same day dispatch on orders over £60 in the UK. Fast dispatch, reliable delivery and excellent service.

Xenos armies in Warhammer 40,000 represent the myriad alien species that inhabit the vast expanse of the galaxy, each with their own unique strengths, technology, and motivations. From the savage and relentless Orks, who thrive on warfare and conquest, to the ancient and enigmatic Aeldari, an ancient race of psychic warriors, the xenos factions represent a diverse array of threats to the Imperium. The technologically advanced T'au Empire seeks to expand its influence through diplomacy and warfare, while the insidious and ever-adaptable Tyranids relentlessly consume entire worlds in their insatiable hunger. Other xenos factions, such as the Necrons with their undying metal bodies, the mysterious and deadly Drukhari, and a multitude of minor xenos species, all pose their own unique challenges to humanity's survival.

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