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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Everything Coming to Pre-Order in 2024

2024 looks set to be a big year for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, with the culmination of the Dawnbringers series of narrative campaign books and a new edition on the horizon. From majestic new miniatures to gripping narrative expansions, the year ahead promises a trove of treasures for fans to delve into, ensuring that the fires of war continuie to burn bright across the realms. Let's delve into the exciting array of pre-orders and new releases awaiting eager hobbyists in the realm of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.


Age of Sigmar: May 2024 Pre-Orders

Dawnbringers: Book VI – Hounds of Chaos

SundayPreview May19 Dawnbringers6

The Twin-Tailed Crusade has faced unspeakable horrors, emerged victorious in numerous battles, and established two great cities in the name of the God-King Sigmar: Verdigris and Embergaard. Yet, a looming disaster threatens one of them as the Darkoath, led by Abraxia, alongside even darker forces, prepare to strike.

"Hounds of Chaos" features warscrolls for Abraxia, the Spear of the Everchosen, all new Darkoath units, and a Regiment of Renown: Brand’s Oathbound. It introduces two Armies of Renown: the Swords of Chaos, consisting of Abraxia and her loyal Varanguard, and the Tribes of the Snow Peaks, a formidable assembly of Darkoath warriors.

Completing the package is the final installment of the Twin-Tailed Crusade Path to Glory supplement for the Cities of Sigmar, which will determine the ultimate fate of your city.


Slaves to Darkness: Abraxia’s Varanspear

SundayPreview May19 Abraxis

The formidable antagonist of Dawnbringers VI – Hounds of Chaos charges into battle, determined to fulfill the Everchosen's commands, flanked by her elite Varanguard heavy cavalry. Abraxia's Varanspear spearheads the Swords of Chaos, an Army of Renown highlighted in Dawnbringers VI.


Slaves to Darkness: Brand’s Oathbound

SundayPreview May19 S2DBrands

Unleash the formidable Darkoath Regiment of Renown with Brand’s Oathbound – a ruthless, hero-slaying warband led by the notorious Gunnar Brand. This set is organized into three distinct warscrolls, each with unique abilities, combining to form the unit featured in the Hammer and Bolter episode "Monsters." They can be summoned by any Grand Alliance Chaos faction, bringing a savage edge to your army.


Darkoath: A Gunnar Brand Novel

SundayPreview May19 Darkoath

Explore the tumultuous events that propel Gunnar Brand to the chieftainship of his tribe in "Darkoath" by Chris Thursten, a gripping novel delving deep into the lives and challenges of a Darkoath warband. As calamity strikes, the Brand family embarks on a harrowing journey through the Realm of Fire, pursued by malevolent forces that revel in the carnage unleashed on their Path to Glory.


Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath Chieftain on Warsteed

SundayPreview May19 S2DChief

Leaders who favor charging headlong into battle to swiftly fulfill their oaths ride into combat atop faithful warsteeds. This union blends the prowess and power of a Darkoath champion with the swiftness and nimbleness of their mounts. This multipart plastic kit includes two weapon options – an axe or a sword – and three choices for heads, along with the option to equip your steed with a bladed headpiece.


Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath Wilderfiend

SundayPreview May19 S2DWilderfiend

Darkoath warriors who falter in upholding their sacred oaths suffer the gods' curse, transforming into savage beasts known as Wilderfiends, grotesquely mutated beyond recognition. Despite their monstrous appearance, their kin regard them with reverence, believing them to be guardians of the tribe, appeased only by sacrifices. The Wilderfiends eagerly join the battle, armed with razor-sharp claws and an unquenchable thirst for mortal flesh. This kit offers a plethora of customization options to suit your preferences.


Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath Marauders

SundayPreview May19 S2DMarauders

Each Darkoath warrior undergoes rigorous training from early years, honing their skills in the art of combat with axe and spear. The oaths they solemnly swear before each battle infuse them with chaotic energy, empowering them to unleash devastation in the name of their sinister patrons. This unit of 10 Darkoath Marauders offers myriad customization options, including various heads and shields, as well as the flexibility to choose from two weapon types. Additionally, the kit provides parts to outfit your unit with a Doombeater, Icon Bearer, and a Darkoath Champion, further enhancing their versatility and prowess on the battlefield.


Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath Fellriders

SundayPreview May19 S2DFellriders

The daring combatants who value swiftness and nimbleness over defensive armor ride into battle as the formidable light cavalry called Fellriders, engaging in ferocious close combat with broadswords or launching volleys of javelins while in motion. This unit of five miniatures offers the choice of either weapon option and boasts extensive customization opportunities. With 15 head options, interchangeable mount accessories, and gear to designate two riders as an Icon Bearer and Hornblower, you can tailor the Fellriders to suit your preferred style and strategy on the battlefield.


Slaves to Darkness: Nexus Chaotica

SundayPreview May19 S2DTerrain

Instill fear in your adversaries and harness the dark energies of the Chaos deities with the ominous Nexus Chaotica terrain feature, prepared to dominate the battlefield in your vicinity. This fiery shrine of destruction serves not only as a formidable centerpiece for battles but also harbors a growing reservoir of power points, which can be unleashed to enhance spells cast by your WIZARDS and taint objectives and surrounding terrain with malevolent Chaos energies.


Soulblight Gravelords: Sekhar, Fang of Nulahmia

SundayPreview May19 Sekhar

Sekhar stands as Neferata's appointed agent, a Soulblight vampire possessing unparalleled mastery in the art of hypnotism. Capable of bending the wills of enemy soldiers with the same ease she subdued the serpent Ouboroth to her command, she wields formidable sorcery alongside deadly combat prowess. Her quicksilver reflexes ensure that few enemy strikes ever land their mark, cementing her reputation as a formidable adversary on the battlefield.


Daughters of Khaine: Krethusa the Croneseer

SundayPreview May19 Krethusela

Emerging as a standalone release for the first time, the enigmatic prophet of Morai-Heg enters the fray, enhancing your aelves with the gifts of foresight and lethal shadow magic that proved pivotal in Dawnbringers Book V. Krethusa emerges as a formidable leader for the renegade forces of the Daughters of Khaine, wielding authority over the Croneseer’s Pariahs Army of Renown.


Grombrindal, The White Dwarf

SundayPreview Apr28 WD 02 Grombrindal

Prepare to witness the White Dwarf like never before with this exclusive commemorative miniature, slated for release alongside the landmark 500th issue of his esteemed magazine. Delve into the magazine's pages to uncover the fascinating journey of designing and painting this special rendition. This version of Grombrindal is deeply entrenched in the Mortal Realms, adorned with a myriad of intricate details reflecting the essence of the Age of Sigmar – from a Kruleboyz skareshield to the distinctive motifs of Fyreslayers and Kharadron Overlords, and beyond.

Grombrindal, the White Dwarf is available to order here.


Age of Sigmar: April 2024 New Releases

Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath Army Set

SundayPreview Apr14 DarkoathBox

Embrace the tumultuous forces of Chaos and pledge unbreakable oaths to the Ruinous Powers with the Darkoath Army Set, heralding a fresh surge of mortal devotees to the Dark Gods. These fierce combatants, known for their relentless aggression, spare no mercy as they engage as nimble marauders, relying on their finely honed battle prowess and the divine favors they implore to safeguard their honor through each day's strife.

Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath Army Set is available to order here.


Age of Sigmar: March 2024 New Releases

Dawnbringers: Book V: Shadow of the Crone

SundayPreview Mar3 AoS 01 Daenbringers5

Having braved the depths of unimaginable perils, both divisions of the Twin-Tailed Crusade emerge harrowed yet resolute. Their mission now shifts towards the arduous endeavor of establishing new settlements in the fiery realm of Aqshy and the verdant domain of Ghyran. However, amidst their toil, a sinister plot looms over Hammerhal Aqsha, threatening its very foundations. Fortunately, the tenacious Hanniver Toll and his steadfast companion Armand Callis take up the mantle of investigation, aided by the enigmatic Croneseer who operates from the shadows.

Within this tome lie rules introducing Krethusa the Croneseer, as well as the exploits of Callis & Toll and their eclectic band of allies. Additionally, readers will find a new Army of Renown, a fresh Regiment of Renown, the next installment of the Twin-Tailed Crusade Cities of Sigmar Path to Glory Battlepack, and rules for Strongpoint Assault tailored for team-based matched play.

Dawnbringers: Book V: Shadow of the Crone is available to order here.


Cities of Sigmar: Saviours of Cinderfall

SundayPreview Mar3 AoS 02 Cinderfall

Callis and Toll find themselves faced with a daunting task: safeguarding Hammerhal Aqsha. Their already challenging mission is further complicated by a clandestine scheme involving the hoarding of casks filled with kingsblood 'wine' within the labyrinthine catacombs beneath the city. As they delve into the depths to uncover this sinister plot, they are joined by the skilled thief Lyssa Revenya and the cunning spymaster Mistress Verentia, known as The Weaver of Whispers. Additionally, Valius, The Keeper Aqshia, Lord-Castellant, lends his celestial might to their cause, accompanied by his faithful gryph-hound Balthas. Rules detailing the utilization of these characters in a Regiment of Renown can be found within the pages of Shadow of the Crone.

Cities of Sigmar: Saviours of Cinderfall featuring Callis and Toll is available to order here.


Daughters of Khaine: Krethusa’s Cronehost

SundayPreview Mar3 AoS 03 Cronehost

Endowed with the gift of prophecy at the expense of her earthly sight, Krethusa the Croneseer emerges as the emissary of Morai-Heg, an ancient aelven deity ensnared by the clutches of Slaanesh. Harnessing the power of divine foresight and shadowy sorcery, Krethusa guides those who have forsaken the allegiance of Morathi-Khaine. This set introduces the enigmatic character alongside five Doomfire Warlocks (alternatively constructed as Dark Riders) and 10 Sisters of Slaughter (alternatively crafted as Witch Aelves), presenting an ideal foundation for assembling an army of The Croneseer’s Pariahs. Detailed rules for this formidable force can be found in Shadow of the Crone, ensuring an enthralling start to your journey into The Croneseer’s realm.

Daughters of Khaine: Krethusa’s Cronehost is available to order here.


Spearhead: Stormcast Eternals

SundayPreview Mar3 AoS 04 SCESpearhead

Descending from the heavens, Yndrasta, known as the Celestial Spear, assumes command of a fresh Spearhead of Stormcast Eternals, poised to confront the adversaries of Sigmar. Accompanying her are a trio of Annihilators, crashing into battle with resounding force, along with 10 Vanquishers wielding celestial greatswords. Adding to their ranks is a swift Stormstrike Chariot drawn by specially bred gryph-chargers, alongside a Knight-Vexillor bearing the Banner of Apotheosis, bolstering these warriors in their struggle against overwhelming opposition. With a total of 16 meticulously crafted miniatures, this box serves as an exceptional starting point or expansion for Stormcast Eternals armies, ensuring formidable might on the battlefield.

Spearhead: Stormcast Eternals is available to order here.


Spearhead: Cities of Sigmar

SundayPreview Mar3 AoS 05 CoSSpearhead

In the face of daunting adversaries and monstrous creatures, the courageous individuals hailing from the Cities of Sigmar stand ready for battle, armed only with their steadfast resolve and the weapons they wield. Within this fresh Spearhead box lie 17 meticulously crafted miniatures, including 10 Freeguild Steelhelms, a unit of five Freeguild Cavaliers under the command of a seasoned Freeguild Cavalier-Marshal, and formidable long-range firepower provided by an Ironweld Great Cannon. These figures represent the valiant defenders of their realm, prepared to confront any threat that dares to challenge their unwavering faith.

Spearhead: Cities of Sigmar is available to order here.


Spearhead: Flesh-eater Courts

SundayPreview Mar3 AoS 06 FECSpearhead

Ensnared within a supernatural illusion, the denizens of the Flesh-eater Courts are plagued by delusions of grandeur, perceiving themselves as noble figures rather than the bloodthirsty cannibals their adversaries fear. Delve into the madness of the Mad King's realm with this Spearhead box, featuring 15 finely crafted miniatures. Among them, you'll find a formidable Abhorrant Archregent leading a retinue of 10 loyal Cryptguard attendants. Accompanying them is a bone-chilling Varghulf Courtier and three Morbheg Knights mounted atop ferocious nightshreikers, ready to unleash terror upon the battlefield. Embrace the darkness and unleash the horrors of the Flesh-eater Courts upon your foes.

Spearhead: Flesh-eater Courts is available to order here.


Warcry Terrain

SundayPreview Mar3 AoS 07 WarcryTerrain

Returning for individual purchase, three iconic pieces of Warcry terrain – the Elder Gnarloak, Idol of Motzlpota, and Starfire Pylon – make their triumphant comeback. Whether you seek to expand your Warcry collection or enhance your Warhammer Age of Sigmar battlefields, these terrain pieces offer versatility and atmosphere to your tabletop skirmishes.

The Starfire Pylon is available to order here.

The Elder Gnarloak is available to order here.

The Idol of Motzlpota is available to order here.



SundayPreview Mar3 AoS 08 Mawpit


As the Ogor Mawtribes march to war, a surge of gastromantic magic permeates the realms, inducing the formation of vast chasms and swirling apertures in the very fabric of the land. Revered as manifestations of the Great Maw by the Mawtribes, these phenomena serve as sacrificial pits, encircled by gnashing teeth ready to rend flesh. Originally featured in Warcry: Hunter and Hunted, this immense terrain piece will soon be available for separate pre-order next week, offering enthusiasts the chance to incorporate it into their tabletop battles.

The Mawpit is available to order here.


In wrapping up, the year 2024 promises an exhilarating array of pre-orders and new releases for Warhammer Age of Sigmar devotees. From the epic sagas of the Twin-Tailed Crusade to the intriguing additions of Krethusa the Croneseer and the valiant Yndrasta, the Celestial Spear, there's boundless excitement awaiting hobbyists. Furthermore, the expansion of armies with new units and regiments of renown ensures diverse and immersive gameplay experiences across the Mortal Realms. As each pre-order announcement ignites anticipation, it's clear that 2024 will be a year filled with epic battles and boundless imagination within the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

All the new Warhammer: Age of Sigmar releases will be available to pre-order here soon.

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