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Chaos Space Marines: Everything Coming to Pre-Order in 2024

Prepare to delve into the chaotic depths of the Warhammer 40K universe as we unveil the thrilling array of upcoming releases and pre-orders for the Chaos Space Marines faction in 2024. From sinister warlords to nightmarish war machines, this article showcases the latest offerings that will empower your legions of darkness on the battlefield. Explore new models, units, and narrative expansions that promise to redefine the very essence of chaos in the grim darkness of the far future. Whether you seek to pledge allegiance to the dark gods or unleash devastation upon your foes, the year ahead holds boundless opportunities for those who dare to embrace the path of chaos.


Chaos Space Marines: May 2024 Pre-Orders

Codex: Chaos Space Marines

SundayPreview May5 40k 01 CSMCodex

Prepare for the triumphant resurgence of the Heretic Astartes as they return to the forefront of battle with an expansive new Codex, offering everything necessary to unleash the might of the Chaos Space Marine Legions upon the tabletop in the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000. This 160-page tome serves as a comprehensive guide, granting these veterans of the Long War their rightful prominence in the Era Indomitus. Featuring eight distinct Detachments and an impressive array of 48 datasheets, the Codex offers unparalleled diversity, allowing you to field a myriad of forces tailored to your preferred playstyle. Whether commanding a select cadre of hate-driven Astartes, leading hordes of deranged cultists, or unleashing terrifying mobs of daemon-touched abominations, the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, delve into substantial Crusade rules for expanding your forces in diabolically thematic ways, alongside Combat Patrol rules tailored for Zarkan’s Daemonkin. Accompanied by a captivating showcase of exquisitely painted miniatures, abundant lore, and a one-use code for unlocking digital content within Warhammer 40,000: The App, this Codex promises to be an indispensable companion for champions of chaos everywhere.

Codex: Chaos Space Marines is available to pre-order here.



Chaos Space Marines Battleforce: Veterans of the Long War

SundayPreview May5 40k 02 VetsLonfWarBox

Secure the latest Chaos Lord on Foot alongside his infernal cohorts by acquiring the Veterans of the Long War Battleforce box, the premier destination for these dark champions. This newly introduced Lord boasts an array of customizable head and weapon choices, leading a formidable retinue of Heretic Astartes. Among his ranks stand five Possessed, five Chosen, 10 Chaos Terminators, and 10 Chaos Space Marines, accompanied by five Chaos Space Marine transfer sheets containing an impressive total of 364 decals.

Chaos Space Marines Battleforce: Veterans of the Long War is available to pre-order here.


Chaos Space Marines Battleforce: Dread Talons

SundayPreview May5 40k 03 DreadTalonsBox

For enthusiasts who favor their freshly anointed Chaos Lords descending from the heavens amidst a blaze of infernal wrath, the Dread Talons Battleforce box awaits. This formidable army prioritizes the gathering of the Lost and the Damned, featuring a new Chaos Lord equipped with a Jump Pack, a fearsome Daemon Prince, five Dark Commune members, eight Accursed Cultists, and a contingent of 10 Chaos Cultists. Accompanying them are 10 Chaos Space Marine Raptors, convertible into Warp Talons as desired. Additionally, the box includes five Chaos Space Marine transfer sheets, ensuring ample customization options for your malevolent forces.

Chaos Space Marines Battleforce: Dread Talons is available to pre-order here.


Combat Patrol: Chaos Space Marines

SundayPreview May5 40k 04 CSMCombatPatrol

Introducing Zarakan’s Daemonkin, the latest Chaos Space Marine Combat Patrol force. A gathering of Chaos Cultists whose darkest desires manifest in 10 Chaos Space Marines, five Possessed, and a commanding Master of Possession. This assembly of 26 miniatures is complemented by 10 Cultists, with comprehensive rules for Combat Patrol games featured in the newly released Codex. Ideal for larger engagements in Warhammer 40,000, this force amasses to approximately 460 points, ensuring a formidable presence on the battlefield.


Chaos Space Marines Accessories

SundayPreview May5 40k 06 CSMAccessories

Engage the zealous followers of the Corpse Emperor with finesse using the Chaos Space Marines Datasheet Cards and Dice set. Within the Datasheet Cards, discover 48 essential references for Warhammer 40,000 games, supplemented by four cards tailored for Combat Patrol and one dedicated to Army Rules. Additionally, seize control of the battlefield with a collection of 16 six-sided dice, striking in red with distinctive black accents and adorned with the iconic eight-pointed star of Chaos on the six face.

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