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T'au Empire & Kroot: Everything Coming to Pre-Order in 2024

Get ready to mobilize, Tau Empire fans! As the Warhammer 40K galaxy teeters on the brink of chaos (seriously, when is it ever NOT doing that?), the plucky forces of the Tau and their Kroot allies stand poised to expand the borders of their fledgling empire. 2024 promises an array of thrilling pre-order releases for these advocates of the Greater Good, starting with the Kroot army box and new codex in March. You'll find all the info on the latest Tau Empire pre-orders and new releases right here. Let's take a look!


Kroot Hunting Pack: T'au Empire Army Set

SundayPreview Mar10 40k 01 KrootBox

Within the expansive ranks of the T'au Empire's alien auxiliaries, the Kroot reign supreme as masters of the hunt. These fierce predators excel in the arts of fieldcraft and guerrilla warfare, instilling fear in their foes with their relentless ferocity and insatiable hunger. The upcoming Kroot Hunting Pack army set introduces 20 newly crafted plastic Kroot Carnivores accompanied by a formidable Krootox Rider, under the command of a seasoned Kroot War Shaper. Further bolstering their ranks, a Flesh Shaper imbues the pack with enhanced strength through ancient rituals, while three agile Kroot Rampagers charge headlong into enemy lines, wreaking havoc.

Additionally, this set marks the debut of the new Codex: T'au Empire, a comprehensive rulebook encompassing the entire T'au Empire's arsenal, complete with exclusive artwork. Included with the codex is a set of 44 cards featuring essential army rules, drone regulations, Combat Patrol datasheets, and an extensive array of T'au Empire Datasheets. All these elements are elegantly packaged within a sturdy cardboard slipcase, equipped with an elastic strap for convenient transport to your tabletop battles.

Pre-order the T'au Empire Army Set: Kroot Hunting Pack here.


Kroot Carnivore Squad

KrootDesignerInterview Mar12 Image2

Kroot Carnivore squads are prevalent among the auxiliary forces that accompany T'au armies. Renowned for their combat prowess, the Kroot are duly honored within the T'au Empire and rewarded for their steadfast service as loyal citizens.


Kroot Hounds

KrootDesignerInterview Mar12 Image5

Kroot Hounds, agile and relentless, serve as indispensable companions to their Kroot masters on the battlefield. With keen senses and ferocious instincts, these creatures excel in tracking and hunting down enemies, embodying the primal essence of the Kroot race. Their swift movements and savage attacks make them formidable assets in any engagement, enhancing the effectiveness of Kroot Carnivore squads within T'au armies.


Krootox Rampagers

KrootDesignerInterview Mar12 Image3

Krootox, towering behemoths of the Kroot species, are formidable creatures utilized as heavy support within T'au armies. With their massive frames and powerful weaponry, Krootox wreak havoc upon enemy lines, serving as imposing assets in battles. Despite their brute strength, they are also surprisingly agile, making them versatile units capable of adapting to various combat scenarios. Commanders value their resilience and firepower, often employing them strategically to bolster their forces and overcome adversaries with overwhelming force.


Kroot Lone-Spears

40k LoneSpear Feb19 Deets

The Kroot, known for their communal nature, don't universally thrive within kinbands. Some, be they natural loners, disgraced warriors, or disenchanted mercenaries, gravitate toward the company of beasts. When called to battle, these Lone-spears play a crucial role in tracking enemies and providing essential intelligence. Mounted on enigmatic chameleon-like creatures called Kalamandras, they possess the ability to change skin color and traverse rugged terrain effortlessly, making them ideal companions for skilled hunters. Their agility and power enable them to match the pace of Kroot Hound packs, facilitating more effective combat and the seizure of distant objectives. Armed with explosive-tipped javelins, they wield a convenient weapon for hurling while in motion, capable of inflicting significant damage, even to armored units with a well-placed hit.


Kroot Trail Shaper, Flesh Shaper & War Shaper

KrootDesignerInterview Mar12 Image4

A Kroot Shaper assumes leadership of a Kroot Kindred, which may serve either as a direct military unit within the T'au Empire or as a mercenary group peddling its skills to the highest bidder. Revered for their perceived ancient wisdom and shamanic insights, Shapers are typically elder Kroot who have weathered battles and trials, earning them a respected status within Kroot culture. Few possess the patience and inner fortitude required to attain such a prestigious title. Each Shaper embodies distinct character archetypes; for example, the Trail Shaper serves as a guide and ranger, depicted in design with a hood and rifle, while the Flesh Shaper, a blend of butcher and gene-shaman, is adorned with totems and fetishes, including the skull of another Kroot, conveying a menacing aura. The War Shaper, a distinguished champion and combat leader of their kindred, bears traditional weapons symbolizing honor in Kroot society, adorned with an ancestor cloak crafted from the hide of a yet-unseen Kroot subspecies, signifying their elevated position and noble stature within Kroot society.


As the curtain rises on 2024, the Tau Empire find themselves at the precipice of a new era in Warhammer 40K. With each pre-order release, the galaxy braces for the unfolding saga of conquest and conflict. From the cunning tactics of the Kroot to the technological marvels of the Empire's arsenal, the battlegrounds of the 41st millennium are set to witness unprecedented upheaval. Whether you stand with the ethereal wisdom of the Tau or rally to the call of their diverse allies, the stage is set for epic tales of valor and domination. Prepare your forces, for the future of the Tau Empire hangs in the balance, awaiting the bold commanders who will carve their legacy amidst the stars.

All the T'au Empire and Kroot new releases will be available to pre-order here soon.

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