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Legions Imperialis: Everything Coming to Pre-Order in 2024

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Get ready for an exhilarating journey into the heart of epic battles with Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Legions Imperialis! This Saturday marks the commencement of a two-week pre-order extravaganza, featuring a vast array of miniatures ranging from infantry and aircraft to awe-inspiring Titans and intricate terrain. Here's everything that came or is yet to come to pre-order in 2024, with upcoming and newest products first. Let's get stuck in!


Solar Auxilia: Medusa and Basilisk Batteries

SundayPreview Mar24 Basilisk

The Solar Auxilia employ Medusa and Basilisk batteries to devastate their adversaries with earth-shattering barrages, weaken fortifications, and disrupt enemy formations. This set comprises eight miniatures that can be assembled as either Auxilia Medusa Batteries or Auxilia Basilisk Batteries, and includes a transfer sheet featuring 288 decals.


Legiones Astartes: Land Raider Proteus Explorator Squadron

SundayPreview Mar24 Proteus

Land Raiders stand as the omnipresent, heavily armored mainstays of the Legions Astartes, and the Proteus Explorator represents a specialized variant tailored for forward missions, delivering troops to the frontline while providing crucial supporting firepower through twin-linked lascannons. Within this package are six Land Raider Proteus miniatures accompanied by a vehicle transfer sheet boasting 1,130 decals.


Legiones Astartes: Drop Pods

SundayPreview Mar24 DropPods

Among the array of warfare techniques employed by the Legiones Astartes, the Drop Pod assault stands out as undoubtedly the most iconic. These armored capsules, deployed from orbiting spacecraft, swiftly deliver companies of Space Marines straight into the midst of combat. This set constructs four Drop Pods equipped with hinged doors, configurable as standard Legion Drop Pods or Deathstorm Drop Pods, armed with missile launchers. Additionally, the package includes a transfer sheet featuring 1,130 vehicle transfers.


Solar Auxilia: Arvus Lighter

SundayPreview Mar24 Arvus

Fondly dubbed the "little pig" by Solar Auxilia aircrews, the Arvus Lighter serves as a dependable armored shuttle for transporting Lasrifle Sections across the battlefield. Included in this package are eight plastic Arvus Lighters along with a Solar Auxilia vehicle transfer sheet boasting 288 transfers.


Adeptus Titanicus: Warhound Titans with Ursus Claws and Melta Lances

SundayPreview Mar24 Warhounds

Bounding into the forefront of battle, leading the charge ahead of larger Titans, Warhounds are ferocious predators armed with an arsenal of formidable weapons, adept at annihilating infantry, vehicles, and even smaller Titans. This plastic set comprises two Warhound Titans accompanied by a brand-new frame of plastic weaponry. Included are two sets each of ursus claws, natrix shock lances, volkite eradicators, missile pods (which can be constructed as shudder missiles or swarmer missiles), and Incisor-pattern melta lances. Additionally, the package contains a transfer sheet featuring 118 transfers, as well as a set of Command Terminals and Weapon Cards, facilitating the utilization of these miniatures in Adeptus Titanicus games.


Adeptus Titanicus: Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titans

SundayPreview Mar24 Direwolf

Trailing closely behind the agile Warhound Scout Titans, the Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titans boast enhanced armor plating and wield weaponry typically reserved for larger Titan classes. Within this package are two plastic Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titans, each equipped with a pair of arm-mounted Ardex mega-bolters. Additionally, you have the option to outfit them with a volcano cannon, conversion beam dissipator, or neutron laser. The set also includes a transfer sheet featuring 118 transfers and a set of Command Terminals and Weapon Cards for integration of these miniatures into Adeptus Titanicus games.


Legions Imperialis: Epic Battles in the Age of Darkness (Starter Set)

The Legions Imperialis: Epic Battles in the Age of Darkness starter set, the crown jewel of this release, catapults you into the monumental conflicts that defined the Horus Heresy, offering a complete mass battle experience in one convenient package.

Picture this: Legions Imperialis, a spectacular portrayal of some of the largest and fiercest battles to ever shake the Age of Darkness. The sheer scale of this set is mind-boggling, making it an absolute delight for hobbyists eager to channel their skills into an army of dozens of small yet incredibly detailed miniatures.

SundayPreview Nov12 LegionsBoxUPDATED

What's in the box, you ask? Brace yourself for a grand total of 223 miniatures across 61 individual models, accompanied by dice, tokens, templates, and the ever-beloved red measuring sticks. But that's not all – the set also includes the full, unabridged rulebook for Legions Imperialis.


Legions Imperialis Rulebook

SundayPreview Nov12 LI 1 Book

This rulebook isn't just your run-of-the-mill guide; it's a treasure trove containing core rules, scenarios, unit profiles for Legiones Astartes and Solar Auxilia armies, extensive background information about the most significant battles of the Horus Heresy, and galleries showcasing the glorious miniatures that bring this universe to life.

But let's dive into the heart of the action – The Legiones Astartes. Undoubtedly the most renowned force in the Age of Darkness, the Legiones Astartes have been at the center of every pivotal event and crucial battle. To command an army of Space Marines in Legions Imperialis is to tread the path of the Emperor himself – or perhaps the treacherous route of Horus, should rebellion smolder within your hearts.


Legiones Astartes Infantry

SundayPreview Nov12 LI 2 LAInfantry

Embark on building the core of a flexible Space Marine army with the Legiones Astartes Infantry set. This collection includes eight squads of Tactical Legionaries, four Contemptor Dreadnoughts, and various supporting troops – a perfect amalgamation of classic Space Marine infantry forces. Terminators, Support gunners, and Assault Squads, all present and accounted for, led by two Legion Command Squads to guide them to victory.


Kratos Heavy Tank Squadron

SundayPreview Nov12 LI 2 LAKratos

But the Space Marines are not a force to be reckoned with solely through infantry. Enter the Kratos Heavy Tank Squadron, a formidable addition to your arsenal. Four tanks, each bristling with sponson and hull guns, offer a choice between a Kratos battlecannon or a melta blastgun for the turret – the epitome of heavy firepower.


Rhino Transport Detatchment

SundayPreview Nov12 LI 2 LARhinos

The importance of mobility in large battlefields cannot be overstated. That's where the Rhino comes in – a pack of 10 plastic Rhinos, ensuring your troops reach their destination swiftly and securely. Imagine the tactical advantage over foot-slogging foes, especially when flanked by the four powerful Kratos tanks, so meticulously detailed they could be mistaken for their full-size counterparts.


Thunderhawk Gunship

SundayPreview Nov12 LI 2 LAThunderhawks

And let's not forget the iconic Thunderhawk Gunship, making its triumphant return from Aeronautica Imperialis to join the Legions Imperialis ranks. With new bases for the game and compatibility with Aeronautica Imperialis, these aircraft promise to dominate the skies in the 31st Millennium.

Now, shift your gaze to The Solar Auxilia – humanity's finest mortal warriors. While the Legiones Astartes took center stage in the Horus Heresy, the Solar Auxilia proved themselves as elite forces capable of standing toe-to-toe with Space Marines. Their armies boast ironclad discipline, relentless firepower, and overwhelming numbers, making them a force to be reckoned with in every aspect except perhaps mano-a-mano combat.


Solar Auxilia Infantry

SundayPreview Nov12 LI 3 SAInfantry

Kickstart your Solar Auxilia army with the Infantry set, featuring a diverse array of critical units. From lasrifle or flamer-toting Auxilia to Charonite Ogryns, Aethon Heavy Sentinels, and veteran axe-wielding Veletarii, this set is a perfect foundation. Led by an Auxilia Commander and their Tactical Command section, just one or two sets form a robust core for your epic-scale Solar Auxilia army.


Baneblade Squadron

SundayPreview Nov12 LI 3 SABaneblades

Of course, no Imperial army is complete without an impressive array of tanks. The Baneblades, iconic vehicles in the Solar Auxilia motor pool, come in a pack of two super-heavy tanks, each offering a choice between a Baneblade cannon or Hellhammer cannon. Customize your tanks with three possible commanders and sponson options, fielding them in detachments of up to six vehicles.

Aerial support is crucial, and with the return of Imperial Navy assets from Aeronautica Imperialis, you can deploy Lightning Fighters, Marauder Bombers, and Marauder Destroyers to dominate the skies. Forge World resin aircraft also make a comeback, presenting Imperial commanders with powerful options like the Marauder Colossus, Marauder Pathfinder, and the beloved Arvus Lighters.

But the excitement doesn't stop there – enter Knight Households and Titan Legions. Adeptus Titanicus offers a stunning array of Imperial Knights and Titans, including Questoris Knights, Cerastus Knight Lancers, Reaver Titans, and the mighty Warlord Titans. Special guests from the Forge World range add an extra layer of awe to your collection, ensuring your army is as diverse as it is formidable.


Questoris Knights

SundayPreview Nov12 LI 4 QuestorisKnights

For those who appreciate a more compact yet equally deadly force, the Knight Armigers return as Warglaives and Helverins, complemented by specialized Mechanicum chassis like Knights Styrix, Moriax, Magaera, Atrapos, and Asterius. These war machines boast esoteric weapons forged on Mars, promising a unique and cerebral approach to warfare. Don't miss the Warlord-Sinister Psi Titan, a rare and terrifying sight in the Age of Darkness, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake.

Now, let's talk terrain and accessories because what's a battle without a dramatic backdrop? Legions Imperialis has you covered with the Civitas Imperialis City Road Tiles and Ruins sets. These modular additions can turn your games from basic scuffles on bare tables to immersive war stories set amidst thematic environments, capturing the essence of the Horus Heresy's ravaged cities and ruined roads.


Legions Imperialis: Civitas Imperialis Ruined Buildings

Opt for the Administratum Sector for a one-stop solution, bundling various modular Adeptus Titanicus terrain kits. This collection, part of the Legions Imperialis range, includes four Civitas Imperialis building sets and one pack of Civitas Imperialis Spires. Build up a densely populated cityscape that serves as the perfect stage for your battles.


Legions Imperialis: Army Cards

SundayPreview Nov12 LI 6 Cards

Keep your army stats at your fingertips with handy reference cards for the Legiones Astartes and Solar Auxilia. Each pack contains two copies of every Detachment and Formation available to their faction, ensuring you can build armies quickly and consult the rules whenever the action heats up.


Legions Imperialis Bases

SundayPreview Nov12 LI 6 Bases

To complete the picture, new bases are on their way. Engraved with an urban tile pattern, these bases range from 40mm round bases to massive 120mm oval bases for the largest Titans. Match them with the new road tiles and urban terrain for a cohesive and visually striking battlefield.

The release of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Legions Imperialis is a triumph for enthusiasts seeking to engage in the grandeur of epic battles. It's more than a pre-order; it's an invitation to embark on a journey through the tumultuous events of the Horus Heresy, a saga that has shaped the very fabric of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. As you assemble your armies, paint your miniatures, and engage in battles that echo through the annals of history, remember that you are not just a player; you are a commander in the Age of Darkness, and the fate of the galaxy rests in your hands. So, gather your forces, prepare for war, and may the Emperor (or the dark forces of rebellion) guide your hand in this epic journey!

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